Block Saw

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Quick-Mount Cutting Head
* Patented cutting head design allows easy removal of the powerhead for transportaion.
* The bearing collar folds down, so the entire cutting head assembly can be easily lifted off.

2 Pivot Points

* Only two pivot points for reduced saw maintenance and longer diamond blade life.
* Cutting head pivots on bearings which are sealed and lubricated for life.
* Bearings are seated in a machined saddle, on a heavy-duty support, for precise alignment

that lasts.

Three Methods of Cutting Operation
* Fixed head - Simply position the head to the desired height, then tighten the lock handle.
Material can then be pushed toward the blade.
* Hold the handle and lower the blade into the material. The blade will return to the upper position
when force is released.
* With the use of the optional foot pedal kit, the operator can use their feet to lower the blade into
the material for a more hands-free operation.

** 14" Diamond Blade Included **

Rental Rates

4hr.- $37.00

Day- $51.00

Week- $180.00

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