Aluminum Brake

Van Mark Mark II TrimMaster Siding Brake - 8'6" - Contractor Model


  • Equipped with locking handle that has quick release feature for easy transport
  • Power Lock bar provides crisp bends without oil canning/warping
  • Cam locking system consists of aluminum and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene wedge
  • Includes two military grade aluminum castings
  • Dual support base rails for extra foundation
  • POWERslot hinge "auto-measures" 5/8" hems
  • Bending handle is ideal for bending and hemming full length 8ft.+ pieces
  • Increased bending radius for simple hemming
  • Bends up 180° Hems for complex bend profiles
  • Powerlock bar for stronger clamping pressure
  • 14" throat depth

Rental Rates

4hr.- $32.00

Day- $48.00

Week- $125.00

Month- $290.00

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